Arthro SupReviver

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Lubricates Joints
Replenishes lost nutrients in joints
Regenerates damaged cartilage
Rebuilds connective tissues
Prevents and treats Arthritis
Contains Hyaluronic acid, potent ginger extract, chondroitin, glucosamine etc

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Hinders the production of enzyme that cause cartilage
damage and help prevent osteoarthritis.
Animal Functional experiment has proved that it has
the health function of strengthening the immune system.
It dramatically improves joint stiffness, cracking and other
symptoms in one week.
Improves joint mobility and joint function.
Maintains healthy and strong joints.

– For fast relief of rheumatic arthritis and VARIOUS JOINT AND BODY PAINS ALL BONE ISSUES.
– Boost the immune system.
– For the treatment of osteoarthritis as a dietary supplement.
– A major component of extracellular matrix and it is important in maintaining the structural integrity of the tissue.
– It is an important structural component of cartilage and provides much of its resistance to compression along with glucosamine.
– It helps generate cartilage exhibit, anti-inflammatory effect and it is a derivative of cellular glucose metabolism.
NB: Not suitable for children and pregnant women. Also, people who are allergic to seafood or gout should consult medical advice before taking it.

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